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Wheel of Fortune trivia facts:

* Pat Sajak has been with the show since 1981.
* Vanna White has been with the show since 1982.
* The late Merv Griffin created the original Wheel of Fortune game and was the executive producer of the show until he retired in 2000.
* The real wheel used on the television set weighs 2400 pounds.
* Wheel of Fortune first aired as a replacement for the original version of Jeopardy!

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Wheel of Fortune is a television game show that been on air since 1975. It is America's longest running game show in syndication! Wheel of Fortune contestants compete to win to cash and prizes by solving word puzzles.

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How to play Wheel of Fortune online: The game is played just like it is on television!

* Games start every few minutes.

* You will be instantly paired up with other online players. There are three players to a game.

* You will each take a turn until the game is won. You will spin the wheel, guess a letter, and then have a chance to solve the puzzle in a variety of categories. You may also buy a vowel if you have enough play money in your account.

* First person to guess the word correctly will win the round.

wheel of fortune gameEach round of playing last a few minutes. If you need to quit before the round is finished, you may do so by pressing the "Exit Game" button. No points will be lost if you have to do so, but at the same time, you will not be able to win the round, obviously.

This Wheel of Fortune game is played online, compatable with all types of browsers. There is no software download required to play Wheel of Fortune. It is best when played from a computer, rather than a mobile phone.

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